About Us

"We recognized that companies of all sizes were struggling to find the right approach to information security compliance. Our focus is to make compliance easy."
Ben Thomas, Founder & CEO

What We Do

We help companies navigate the rough terrain of information security compliance. Whether you’re a startup or have hundreds of employees, compliance is challenging. Our goal: make compliance simple and cost-effective. Our expertise includes SOC 2, SOC 1, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27001, and PCI compliance. We make compliance easy by providing tools, content, guidance and management helping customers develop a practical compliance strategy and roadmap.

Our Vision

We found that startups and SMB companies are confused about how to approach information security compliance for their sized business. Many seek help from audit firms, but realize that advisory and audit services don’t mix. Auditors can tell you “yes or no” but can’t tell you, “do this”. We fill that gap with practical services helping you get the most value out of compliance.

To be successful, information security compliance must be ingrained in your company culture and that doesn’t happen by accident. We have developed a set of tools to take the pain out of that process. We believe you should have confidence in your compliance program and ultimately leverage it to bring in new business!

Our Values

From the beginning, Practical Assurance has operated by its core values. We established these to guide our company and culture. Our values are the backbone of every decision.