Security for ICOs and Token Sales

Last week, we introduced the ICO Information Security Framework (IISF) to assist companies in the process of a token sale by improving information security practices.

ICOs and token sales have recently attracted a lot of attention from hackers/fraudsters due such large values at stake. If you’re considering a token sale, it’s important that you protect your own environment and communication channels to ensure that funds are not stolen. The IISF was created to so that you can have high assurance that your company’s internal processes are in-line with information security best practices and reduce the risk of a compromise.

Additionally, it’s extremely important to build a strong information security foundation so that you can gain a high level of trust with investors and/or potential token buyers. ICOs are usually opaque at best, we help companies prepare their security practices and communicate trust to all parties involved.

The ISO Information Security Framework™ has been developed with the core purpose of enabling companies that are planning an ICO or token sale to build a strong foundation of information security and compliance. This is important to increase investor and customer confidence and improve the maturity of the business processes under control by the company. The IISF can serve as a due diligence function for those wishing to buy tokens.

If you’re considering an ICO or token sale and are looking for guidance on how to improve your information security practices, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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