SOC 2 Change Management Mock Audit Webinar

Change management is one of the first processes companies should focus on in a SOC 2 readiness project. Topics such as authorization, peer review, quality assurance, and documentation can be approached many different ways. Change management is a “daily process” in most organizations and can have a significant impact on the success of a SOC 2 audit. Additionally, change management procedures impact a number of employees include developers, quality assurance, and product management personnel. It’s critical “get it right.”

In this webinar we cover the key processes that should be focused on when planning for change management. We help you learn to think like an auditor and be fully prepared for anything that may come up. We review sample audit requests and then cover the details audited in change tickets.

Topics in this webinar include:

  • Change Management Policy
  • Change Management SDLC Documentation
  • Mock Audit Questions
  • Change Management Toolset
  • Audit Gotchas

The webinar was recorded in May 2018 and we’ve made it available for download by filling our the form below.

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SOC 2 Risk Assessment Management Mock Audit

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