Practical Assurance is the only compliance readiness and compliance management tool designed specifically for Startups and SMBs.
  • Don't overpay for a more complicated compliance solution than you need
  • Don't build an internal compliance tool that distracts you from your core business
  • Don't hire a compliance staffer just to micromanage your team
Practical Assurance gives you a better option. Start your compliance journey with the right tool for your startup or small business.

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Compliance Readiness

Practical Assurance offers a single platform to prepare your company for a SOC 2, SSAE 16/18, SOC 1, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, or any other compliance audit, as well as simple tools to keep you compliant after these standards have been met. Discover similarities between frameworks and reduce the overall time to readiness.

Compliance Management

Practical Assurance lets you move beyond cumbersome homegrown compliance spreadsheets but still avoid purchasing an overpriced compliance tool. With Practical Assurance, you can create internal controls, assign responsibilities, and measure your compliance readiness with a single, simple, intuitive web app.

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Practical Assurance Puts You in Control of Your Compliance

Know Your Compliance Status in Real-Time

SOC 2 Readiness Module

Practical Assurance has broken down the overwhelming task of first-time SOC 2 readiness into a simple step-by-step process complete with descriptions, explanations, and over 75 policy and process templates, examples, and references. We deliver a proven methodology with compliant resources to provide confidence and significantly reduce the time and effort to prepare for your first audit.

Streamlined Compliance Workflows

Practical Assurance provides step-by-step guidance through each regulatory requirement, from control implementation to task scheduling to ongoing management. We translate each requirement into common business and technical language as well as provide concrete examples and pre-built downloadable tools. This minimizes the amount of work required to achieve and maintain compliance and altogether eliminates the confusion and mayhem during the audit process.

"Single Source of Truth" for Compliance

Every major compliance framework -- SOC 2, SSAE 16/18, SOC 1, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR -- shares 80% of its requirements with every other compliance standard, so why should you have to repeat your entire documentation effort for every separate compliance program? Practical Assurance integrates the common controls from multiple compliance frameworks into one unified set of tasks and reports, so you get a holistic view of your compliance in real time. There's no easier or faster way to satisfy your executive team, your customers, or your auditors.

Continuous Proof of Compliance

Practical Assurance offers an on-demand approach to proving compliance. We automatically assign tasks and reminders to key personnel, so they never neglect of overlook their compliance responsibilities, and report on their compliance efforts in real time. When compliance is at risk, we escalate the issue so no internal control is ever allowed to fail. And with integrated audit trails for every Practical Assurance feature and function, you can demonstrate your up-to-the-minute compliance to anyone at any time.

Rapid Deployment

Practical Assurance is a rapidly deployable web application, meaning you can begin building your compliance program in days rather than months, right from your web browser. With every internal control already mapped out, we give you the tools to quickly comply and maintain complete visibility into compliance coverage. We make compliance a business priority so you can build immediate customer confidence and close deals fast.

Validates Control Effectiveness

Practical Assurance allows you to immediately and consistently identify compliance gaps, justify risk acceptance, prioritize remediation of lapsed controls, and react quickly to evolving regulations and overlapping compliance standards. With Practical Assurance's centralized management dashboard, you altogether alleviate the pressure to hire expensive in-house expertise or outsource to pricey compliance consultants.

Simplified Compliance for Your Entire Team

Compliance: Your industry dictates it; your customers mandate it; and the daily news headlines prove you need it. Compliance is no longer just a Security Team problem — it’s an organization-wide problem. Practical Assurance enables team-wide visibility into compliance coverage and effectiveness.


Compliance is often the biggest hurdle in meeting vendor requirements and answering RFPs. If you can't prove compliance, you can't close your biggest sales deals with your most important prospects. Practical Assurance helps you sell into large enterprise and provides a differentiator against your competitors. We help you understand the compliance and security requirements of your customers so you can speak confidently about your company’s security practices.


It’s nearly impossible to create a "single source of truth" for compliance reporting and management, which is why preparing for an audit can be a painful process to say the least. Practical Assurance eases that pain by guiding you every step of the way, assigning key compliance tasks to process owners in one streamlined and collaborative platform, saving the time and cost of traditional compliance reporting.


Gaining visibility into the status of your organization’s current compliance status has traditionally been an ad hoc, incredibly manual process that wastes valuable time, risks sales, and adds unnecessary expenses. Practical Assurance offers a professional, repeatable approach to compliance, delivering automatic and comprehensive reporting on your up-to-the-minute compliance profile so executive leaders can make better, faster decisions

Simple SaaS Pricing that Grows with You

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Plans starting as low as $199/month.

Practical Assurance Does the Heavy Lifting For You

Customer Quotes

I know I can trust Practical Assurance to provide the most up to date compliance related information. It saves me time and money knowing that most of the work has already been done for me. I no longer have to create policies from scratch.

Brian B. Sr. Director of Information Security
I wear many hats in my organization so that makes it difficult to keep up with the latest trends in information security. If you're just starting out, I recommend using a service such as Practical Assurance to have peace of mind that everything is covered.

John B. Director of Compliance

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