Our unique readiness approach combining expert-driven assistance and software will ensure you’re preparing in the most practical and quickest way possible.

Practical Assurance is designed specifically for startups and SMB

Remove the confusion, complexity, and inexperienced human overhead from the equation. Engage expert-led compliance readiness, management, training, and testing that allows you to get back to business without screwing up compliance.

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Start compliance journey with the right support for startup or small business

Compliance Mastermind

Make your security and compliance team instant experts without losing focus or hiring

Compliance Mastermind

Join expert-led, community driven cohort that empowers your security and compliance team be sucessful. Just $299/month

Compliance Readiness

Discover gaps, practical guidance and significantly reduce the overall time to readiness

Compliance Readiness

Whether it's gap analysis, advisory consulting, or just software, get your SOC 2 in weeks not months! Get software readiness for just $249/month and full advisory readiness for $4,449

Virtual Compliance Management

Avoid high talent cost, low compliance expertise, and significant business distraction

Virtual Compliance Management

Bring instant expertise, highly effective compliance management, and audit success all under budget. Most startups $1,800/mo

Penetration Testing

Discover vulnerabilities, respond to client requests, comply with SOC 2 and sleep well at night

Penetration Testing

Practical Assurance's unique quarterly approach, SOC 2 expertise, and budget consciouness adds up to penetration testing sweetness
experience excellence

Practical Assurance puts you in control

Practical Assurance has broken down the overwhelming task of first-time soc 2 readiness into a simple step-by-step process complete with expert guidance, templates, Mastermind, project management, testing, and discounted audit costs

Passion is what drives us

Practical Assurance empowers you with software-independent expertise to match your size and strategy

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Our Mission

Providing expertise and tools to help our customers develop and maintain a compliance strategy

We believe information security compliance must be ingrained in your company culture to be successful. We have developed a set of tools to take the pain out of compliance, give you confidence in your compliance program and ultimately leverage it for growth.

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