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Security and compliance requirements are often complex and can turn into some of the biggest projects that startups and SMBs go through. A wide range of business processes and stakeholders are impacted and it often takes finesse to implement controls in a manner that fits the stage and culture of the business. At the same time, it is important the controls and processes remain familiar with auditors. We can help you achieve that balance. If you need assistance, we have a number of professional services centered around helping you reach your compliance goals.

Compliance Readiness Consulting

We typically direct companies performing first time audit readiness to our Readiness Module in Practical Assurance. It provides a tremendous amount of value and a roadmap for companies to very quickly get up and running at a fraction of the cost of consultants. Occasionally, we encounter companies that are short on staff or have unique situations and wants a little extra assistance. We are happy to discuss your current needs and can develop a consulting packaging for you so that you can move as quickly as possible.

Penetration Testing

We offer a range of penetration testing services that are right-sized for SOC 2 and other compliance needs. We take a unique risk-based approach in both project scoping and continuous monitoring that allow our clients to be more informed and ultimately reduce the level of information security risks at hand. We offer a number of options that will allow us to customize a pentest solution unique to your needs.

Compliance Manager Service

Managing a security and compliance program isn't just a one-time project. If built properly, controls are part of daily operation. Many companies we work with are too small to hire a dedicated Compliance Manager. This role involves keeping controls up to date, assigning remediation tasks, and checking in periodically to ensure you remain compliant. In an audit readiness project, a compliance manager can also serve as a project manager to ensure everything remains on track.

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